logo design of 3 hexagonal beehive cells with 3 interlocking gears overlaid in negative space gold screen printing ink on paper
Your brand is the personality of your business.

If your business was a person, what would be their vibe? Would it be fun and chill like your best girl friend? Knowledgeable and helpful like a kindly old professor? Maybe they’re a very serious and respected elder artisan. It goes beyond a logo mark and wordmark to color palates, fonts, tone representing your vibe to the world across all kinds of collateral whether serious, hip or humorous.

Logo Design

I help you create the building blocks of a cohesive and memorable presence across digital or print. The process starts with three concepts and two rounds of revisions. Logo design starts at $350 for this.

Branding Guides

Branding guidelines are instructions on how to display branding and include color schemes, logo versions, spacing, and fonts

My Base package includes one color scheme, color and black and white logo versions as well as light/dark background and 2 versions one for low resolution and one for higher resolution applications. Instructions for spacing between brand elements and 2 paired fonts.

Any Questions?
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